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Business intelligence strategy
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Business Intelligence Strategy Assessment

For the data-ambitious business, Business Intelligence strategy and roadmap is the next step towards maximizing your company’s data-driven potential.

Our 360° approach to Business Intelligence Strategy ensures our customers a strong and experienced business partner with a well-tested and iterative approach – custom fitted to your business each time.

An overall Business Intelligence strategy and a well-organized roadmap provide a solid foundation for moving the organization forward—towards a data-driven culture that’s rooted in the organization, maximizing data-driven potential. While the BI strategy contains the overall ambitions, a roadmap enables you to prioritize BI initiatives over time.

Market Leading Tools For Your Business Intelligence strategy

We cover the three leaders in the 2017 Gartner Group Magic Quadrant for BI & Analytics Platforms, i.e. Qlik, Tableau, and Microsoft. When choosing the right front-end-tool for our customers, we take people, business & data into consideration. Moreover, we offer the ETL and analytics tool, Alteryx, to companies wanting to do advanced analytics on unstructured data without coding. Thus, great software equals great results.

For more information on how to create a data-driven culture, take a look at our blog post:
How do you create a data-driven culture? – leadership.


Align objective, scope and desired output from the workshop (conference call). Request and review additional information for preparation purposes

Business Intelligence Assessment

  • Business Intelligence—as it stands today
  • Organizational landscape and focus areas
  • Overview current setup
  • Operational and strategic setup
  • Architecture
  • Reporting capabilities and users
  • External data
  • Analytical Workbench and Business Intelligence — how it’s envisioned for the near future
  • New companies and sources
  • Architecture—wishes
  • Future capabilities
  • Analytical workbench
  • Conceptual modeling
  • Modernize analytical platform
  • Method and Project Management
  • Education and training
  • Business Intelligence—TO-BE(Continued)
  • Scope and requirements
  • Next step activities and planning



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    BI Strategy

    A BI Strategy and a roadmap aligned with your ambition level, infrastruture, competencies and future needs.

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    BI Assessment workshop (including preparation and presentation).

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    BI Front-End Tools

    Find the BI front-end tool that matches your organisation’s users and needs

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