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Sustainability Workshop

Sustaining the Change


The potential of an ERP solution is transformational – even beyond making your people more productive, processes more efficient, decision-making more strategic and connecting processes and workflows in one integrated whole, an ERP system can help create a cultural change that unites the entire organization behind one common goal – but it requires that you keep revisiting your solutions adaptation within the organization and that you continue to have a strong focus on business innovation, benefit realisation and creating a centre of business excellence. With this specialized sustainability workshop we help you do exactly that.



User Adoption

  • Questionnaires (Expectations, requirements, satisfaction)
  • Interviews with business Ambassadors
  • Training Evaluation
  • Lessons Learned sessions

Business Innovation

  • Establish a culture to encourage the whole organisation to bring ideas
  • Have an incubation method in place for the selected ideas

Benefit Realisation

  • Ensure an alignment between Business and Digital strategy by using business value evaluation to requested features (business requirements). Business value can be money, competitive advantage, image, employee retention, customer satisfaction, etc..
  • Measure the ROI by putting Business value next to cost to implement the feature.

Centre of Excellence

  • Suggestions for a good support structure
  • Support the business in describing new features and control the governance
  • Learn how to balance between internal and external (partner) resources
  • When is it time to start a next phase in the continuous improvement cycle


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    User Adoption

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    Continuous Improvement

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    Benefit Realization & ROI

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    Center of Excellence

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