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We are wherever your business takes you. Whether you need local help or global project guidance, you can count on value and commitment from our extensive alliance of Microsoft Dynamics partners around the world.

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Let us help you match your Microsoft Dynamics strategy to your business strategy

No one-size solutions

Are you a niche-player, a global enterprise or an agile start-up? Are you planning to grow – organically or through acquisitions? Different answers to these and a thousand other questions make every company’s needs unique. Which is why the best Microsoft Dynamics strategy is one that takes its outset in how you manage and grow your business. Luckily, with more than 500 international Microsoft Dynamics implementations under our belt, we’re perfectly positioned to provide that strategy – because we understand Microsoft Dynamics and we understand your business.

Core Strategy

A MODEL FOR GETTING OPTIMAL VALUE OUT OF INTERNATIONAL ERP PROJECTS AND PROCESS HARMONIZATION This paper will briefly introduce you to the concept of a CORE strategy –a practical and strategic model that helps you get the most out of international implementations where the goal is to achieve greater harmonization of processes across your organization.

Simple equals actionable

Our experts will help you establish a clear Microsoft Dynamics strategy with business-aligned objectives and actionable roadmaps for your solution, organization and implementation approach. We’ll help you zero in on all the ‘who, what, when, why and how’s’ in order to validate your business case and provide insight into budget, scope and schedule. In other words, we’ll make sure you’re prepared to make the right – informed – decisions before, during and after your implementation.

Challenge and inspiration

We have years of experience advising international businesses like yours on how to leverage Microsoft Dynamics best practices and avoid common pitfalls. And we’re not afraid to challenge questionable assumptions and offer inspiration on how to make the most of your Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

We’re the international Microsoft Dynamics strategy experts.

The road to bottom line boost with effective global ERP

UNPACK YOUR CORPORATE DNA INTO AN ERP Harmonization is a key word, because it creates potential operational synergies after implementation of optimized and consistent processes. Faster, more flexible consolidation and reporting are often named as essential arguments for starting an ERP project, but when you dive a little deeper into the reasoning, there is often an unspoken need to gain control over the company’s foreign subsidiaries.

For further understanding the main challenges related to strategy and business transformation, take a look at our blog post on bridging business and IT.

What you get

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    Strategy aligned with business

    Benefit from a Microsoft Dynamics strategy that’s aligned with the direction your business is heading in.

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    Actionable roadmap

    Get up and running fast with an actionable strategic roadmap tailored to your Microsoft Dynamics scenario.

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    Best practices and no pitfalls

    Take advantage of Microsoft Dynamics best practices and avoid common pitfalls by working with experts.

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    Challenge and inspiration

    Work with people who understand your business and aren’t afraid to challenge your assumptions.

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    Accelerated approach

    Tap into an effective strategic approach based on proven templates, and hands-on workshop with your management team

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