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We are wherever your business takes you. Whether you need local help or global project guidance, you can count on value and commitment from our extensive alliance of Microsoft Dynamics partners around the world.

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Incident Response

Pipol's incident response experts provide instant round-the-clock advice on how to deal with a security breach.

A cyber incident and the subsequent response process is complex and challenging, and the first steps that you take in reacting to an incident will determine the severity of the impact on your business. For this reason, it is crucial to get the right support as soon as possible in the event of an incident.

Pipol’s response investigators are on call 24/7, and are ready to provide management and technical assistance, ranging from providing instant remediation advice to conducting detailed technical analysis.

Incident Response Retainer

Proactivity is key to mitigating cyber attacks. Pipol’s incident response retainer offers you peace of mind with experts at your disposal who can respond instantly and with a calm and methodical approach.

The onboarding process that is included in the incident response retainer is crucial to your readiness, as it helps you address your incidents in a more efficient and proactive manner. Having participated in the onboarding process, you will be prepared and focused when an incident occurs, and be able to stay calm and take the appropriate measures, even in times of crisis and extreme stress. It also ensures that when one occurs, Pipol will already have the correct information about your organization. Having this information upfront ensures that the incident response team is fully prepared and effective, dramatically reducing the time needed to engage with you and bring the investigation to a conclusion.

What you get

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    Telephone triage

    Initial telephone triage within one hour

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    An investigator on site by the next business day

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    Discounts on incident response training courses. The courses are designed to ensure that your staff have the knowledge to deal with an attack correctly prior to our arrival

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    Favourable commercial terms

    Placing an order upfront for a number of days to be used in a call-off agreement is favourable for incident response, allowing a speedy engagement and procurement process, which can otherwise be lengthy

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