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ERP Readiness Assessment
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Price 8.500€
Service type Assessment

ERP Readiness Assessment

Is your International ERP project doable? Realistic? Aligned? Financially sound?


Ever considered exactly how an ERP project impacts your whole organization? Your business processes need to be reviewed and aligned, your workforce assessed and trained, data cleansed, the interfaces updated, interaction with other software components revisited… ERP projects become part of Digital Transformation Programs. And if this on its own was not challenging enough we can add the multi-site &/or international context to it as well. It does not only impact your whole organization, it also requires collaboration of key members from all departments, where IT will be more supporting, instead were they used to be leading these projects in the past.

Are these some of the questions you are asking yourself right now? Then you and your organization might benefit greatly by investing in a Readiness Assessment, where we guarantee answers for all the above questions.

*Pricing is depended on scope and location of delivery



Up to 6 Key stakeholders and Executives will be interviewed to assess they level of readiness on Organization, Processes, Project Team, Alignment, Solution, System and Governance. This assessment is best organized in your offices.

Preliminary (remote)
Readiness Scan in order to prepare the Assessment

Introduction and order of the day with all Interviewees (45 mins)
3 Interview sessions

3 Interview sessions
Wrap-up with general findings / questions


You will receive a presentation that includes the following:

A 360-degree business assessment prior to investing in a new Digital Transformation
An assessment of the organizational readiness, commitment and ability to engage
An assessment on whether the project is doable, realistic, aligned and financially achievable?
An assessment report with findings and recommendations for focus/action areas, together with an estimation of your investment and suggestions for next steps.

ERP Infrastructure Assessment
An assessment of your ERP infrastructure to optimize your set-up according to your strategy between Cloud vs. On-Premise and deliver an actionable plan
A custom support concept for your Dynamics 365 Implementation
Your international Dynamics implementation is in maintenance mode and you need a tool-set to facilitate CORE and local application support
ERP Product Selection Workshop
Your Microsoft ERP product selection is business critical. We help you speed up the decision process saving you time and money.
ERP Business Intelligence Assessment
For the data-ambitious business, Business Intelligence strategy & roadmap is next step on the way to utilizing your company’s data-driven potential.

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