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Dynamics NAV Localization Assessment
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Price 6000€
Service type Assessment

Dynamics NAV Localization Assessment

Your international Dynamics NAV implementation needs to be rolled out to additional countries and you do not know the impact of the differences in the countries and/or how NAV facilitates that.


Localizations are often underestimated in regards to the functional impact on corporate financial solutions. And in the Dymanics NAV environment it is even more complex with Microsoft providing localization to some countries, Partners in the PLLP program provide to others and then there are countries supported by a partner solution.

On top of that is the effort required to stay up to date with changing requirements often underestimated. You will find that regulatory requirements vary tremendously from country to country. Just within Europe, VAT, taxes, regulatory requirements can be completely different from one country to the other.

Furthermore when you are dealing with ERP solutions across borders. The surprises are hidden in the details.: never underestimate local complexity. You might have decided to use one language (English) across borders and streamlined your processes across your subsidiaries – that simplifies, of course, but still you are not home safe. Localization is not limited to languages – far from it!

*Pricing is depended on scope and location of delivery



A Call with our expert –
Deliver a list of countries in Scope
Group Requirements (
Business Processes, Languages, Support requirements)
Questionaire – if needed

Dynamics NAV Localization

Review countries in Scope and align localization packages
Overview of available localization packages
Drivers for building the approach
Trade- off: Localization strategies vs. application architecture
Knowledge sharing: CORE Strategy & Lifecycle


Executive Summary documenting the localization options and suggested approach.

The Executive Summary can include:

Overview of available NAV localizations from either MBS or PLLP Program
Localization overview including high level functional areas for the countries in scope
An evaluation of possible localization strategies (Single cluster database, Regional cluster databases, Local databases or a mix) taking into consideration the likely need for Microsoft Upgrades, CORE upgrades and local customizations.
Scorecard: An overview of possible approaches with pros and cons of each option, including a weighted score.
Draft Application architecture on the recommend localization strategy approach

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