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Your international and global ERP strategy and roadmap are key to aligning your IT landscape with your business strategy and can help you get the most value from your ERP solution. But how? How can you develop a new international ERP strategy that can link all your business processes and locations, secure a prosperous future and give you competitive advantage?

Best practice or best-fit?

Many companies fall into the “best-practice trap”. This is where the company adopts a given process based on the belief that it is the best way to carry out a number of concrete actions. Unfortunately, the qualification of the process is often inadequate so later steps in the process also become inadequate. If we extend the concept of best practice to “best global practice”, there are additional factors to take into account. Some processes are more suitable for deployment across borders than others. That’s why, at Pipol, we distinguish between “best practice” and “best fit”. “Best practice” is a process that is chosen as the best way to implement a given action, whereas a “best fit” process is what works best in the given situation. Read more about best practice vs best fit in our white paper.

Creating an actionable roadmap

A project roadmap serves as a critical blueprint for both technical and organizational scoping, enabling you to move towards a leaner organization, gradually. Depending on the maturity of your organization or its culture, you may want to vary the focus of your project according business units, sites, business areas, or business processes. The CORE strategy also makes it possible to do this effectively and create an actionable roadmap that represents your required deviations.

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