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Monday, December 7, 2015

Millennials will become the biggest generation in US workforce representing 34% of the population. Millennials are a completely different generation from mine. And I know what I’m talking about because I have a few Millennials myself at home. They don’t discuss against changes. They expect and embrace changes as a natural thing. And this is dramatically changing the way people are working together – because  we are entering an era where customers becomes business partners with their suppliers and where access and utilization of big data is a prerequisite to disrupt existing patterns and proactively change and transform. An era of digital disruption.


I’ve always thought about the word disruption as a show-stopper, an obstacle on my way. But today, disruption is no longer seen as a threat but rather as the trigger to help you move forward, reinvent yourself and what you knew. This new disruptive era is a megatrend (in particular digital disruption) – expect it to become the new normal. Trust me – from now on, companies and people will have to keep changing at least as fast at the society around them. Failure or simply resistance to change could easily lead to a slow death.

For example, buying a new car can take in average 4-6 hours because the dealer would typically lack information and visibility due to the disconnection between sales and the customer experience. Tomorrow, buying a car tomorrow will be completely different – much more about purchasing an experience, a technology achievement – more than a driving vehicle. To make this approach possible, car dealers have had to take a new approach where their business, the customer experience and the technology are assessed. The car industry had to disrupt the way they approached the market and built these three assessments into one long term strategy centered on customer experience.


So, how do you get ready to disrupt?

Once you have accepted this new paradigm your immediate next steps should be structured around understanding and analyzing:

  • The current state of your business
  • Your future state and where you want to take your business
  • The business case to understand whether it is feasible
  • The roadmap to take you there

It is crucial to anchor the new paradigm I am talking about into the customer experience, the internal experience – it is the blueprint for the work processes. The past decades have taught us how to incorporate the emotional experience into the work processes. Now we have to integrate new platforms, additional devices (desktop pc’s, tablets, mobiles and even watches) into the experience design. Our world has been disrupted by new technologies, new medias – and the outcome is awesome!


And the Millennials shift is not just around digitalization – it goes many directions:

  • Customers  have become brand ambassadors
  • Scarce information has given the place to accessible insights
  • Collective value creation is replacing long thought siloed productivity
  • Work-life balance is not the Millennials concern; Work-life alignment is
  • Thoughts about optimization have been replaced by dreams of expansion



The bottom line for digital disruption

Disrupt your traditional work environment and follow the digital disruption flow. You don’t always need to replace everything, applying a digital and social layer targeted portals can bring you a long part of the way.


Select a processes-driven approach so that you don’t end up in a feature-driven discussions. Combine business and IT into the workgroups and facilitate a creative vision driven dialogue. Having the team in the same room will enable you to generate new ideas and solutions faster.


So there is no time to wait. Changes are needed – in fact they are already happening, don’t let them happen without you. Embrace the digital disruption. If you are not changing faster than the world around you evolution will eventually take you out of business. Remember what happened to Blockbuster when Netflix came on the market? And today kids don’t watch television anymore, they stream what they want to watch, when they want. It’s time to become a digital disrupter in your market. The world around you is already moving.


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