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Alteryx is made for data analysts who need to run advanced analyses on large volumes of data – without needing to code. 

Alteryx makes your data more searchable and trackable, by giving you powerful data lineage and cataloging that provides increased visibility for governance.


Data discovery and data security are made breathtakingly easy with Alteryx. Now you can create a culture of collaboration, sharing, and innovation by extending tribal knowledge across your organization.


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But your forecast is based on the combination of years of experience and a strong gut feeling. By using Alteryx, you can replace that gut feeling with hard-core statistical calculations – without needing a data expert onsite.


If you already have a BI solution, but would like to take advantage of some of the possibilities offered by Alteryx, you will be pleased to hear that Alteryx can be integrated with Tableau, Qlik and Power BI.

What you get

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    Repeatable workflow

    Automate manual data tasks into repeatable analytic workflows.

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    Deployable analytics

    While many modeling tools exist on the market, we give you the freedom to deploy and manage analytic models.

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    Flexible + Diverse

    Start with what you need and grow over time with our open platform. We support nearly every data source and visualization tool.

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    Wicked ROI

    Intuitive interface for both analytics modeling without code and advandes modeling with code.

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    Scale + Governance

    Scaling analytics for your organization translates into performance, security, collaboration and governance.

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